Wind Integration Workshop / Berlin (Germany)

25/10/2017 to 27/10/2017
Wind Integration Workshop / Berlin (Germany)

The 16th Wind Integration Workshop will be held in Berlin (Germany) from 25 to 27 October 2017 and is an essential part of the Berlin Workshop Week. Registration is open and offers special discounts for early registrants.

Participants from power system operators, transmission and distribution grid operators, wind turbine manufacturers, universities and research institutes, and consulting companies will convene in Berlin for the 16th Wind Integration Workshop. The experts on renewable grid integration solutions will review and discuss recent advances in technology and exchange ideas on how to jointly tackle the challenges of the coming years. The primary objective is to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking between industry and research by providing a platform for discussion and for sharing ideas and knowledge regarding the key issues in the field of large-scale integration of wind power.

One special focus of this year’s Wind Integration Workshop will be ancillary services: one of the most sought-after topics at last year’s workshop. That’s why this year’s Wind Tutorial on 24 October 2017 will be dedicated to a related topic: Ancillary Services and Wind Power Plants – Status and Experiences.

Beside the regular sessions and the Wind Tutorial, the workshop week is filled with a list of accompanying networking events such as dinners and poster receptions. Take a look the workshop website for up-to-date information on the workshop program and schedule.


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