523 MW of newly installed offshore wind capacity

Thursday, 26 July, 2012 - 14:30

In the first six months of 2012 a total of 132 new offshore wind turbines with a combined capacity of 523.2 MW were connected to the grid. Compared to the same period last year, this represents a 50 % increase. In the first half of 2011, 348.1 MW were newly installed. A further 160 turbines with a combined capacity of 647.4 MW have already been erected in 2012, but are still waiting to be connected to the grid. Here, progress depends on the marine weather conditions and the delays in grid connection availability.

As of 30th June 2012, offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 4,336 MW were operating in Europe. In June 2011 the figure was only 3,294 MW. Hence, offshore wind power can now generate electricity for the equivalent of four million households. In the first half of 2012 there were 13 wind farms under construction. Once completed, their total capacity will amount to 3,762 MW.

Christian Kjaer, Chief Executive Officer of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in Brussels, said: "50 percent more offshore wind power capacity was installed in Europe in the first half of 2012 compared to the same period last year, despite the economic and financial turmoil. Offshore wind power creates jobs in Europe, reduces our fuel import costs, and avoids the global and local health and environmental costs of burning fossil fuels. Offshore wind power is increasingly attracting investors, including pension funds and other institutional and corporate investors. But it would be good to see more activity in southern Europe where jobs, investment and growth are desperately needed."

Katharina Garus


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