HVDC platform SylWin alpha is complete

Monday, 28 July, 2014 - 11:00
The SylWin1 platform (864 MW), which measures 83 x 56 x 26 m (L x W x H), is the world's largest installed converter platform. It will transmit the energy produced by the three North Sea wind farms Dan Tysk, Butendiek and Sandbar ashore.
Photo: TenneT

Just a few days ago, Siemens had announced that the HVDC converter platform HelWin beta has been completed. Its next offshore platform in the North Sea is now also ready. SylWin alpha is the largest HVDC platform that has ever been installed in the North Sea.

The newly-installed platform SylWin alpha has a capacity of 864 MW and is located 70 km west of the island of Sylt, from which it gets its name. It will combine the energy generated by the three North Sea wind farms Dan Tysk, Butendiek and Sandbank and transmit it ashore. Measuring 83 x 56 x 26 m (L x W x H), it is the largest converter platform ever installed in the world. Including the sub-structure, it weighs 25,000 tonnes. SylWin alpha is so large and heavy that the ingenious 'float-over method' had to be used to lift it from a pontoon onto the already installed jacket.

SylWin alpha was built by Nordic Yards, equipped by Siemens and installed under the direction of Seaway Heavy Lifting. Overdick, the general contractor for the project, conducted the concept design and the structural detail engineering, as well as the transport and installation engineering. Sea and land cables were provided by the Italian specialist company Prysmian.

"We have now installed a total of four high-tech platforms for TenneT in the North Sea. We successfully completed the first installation last year. The other three platforms were installed in rapid succession this year. This was technically and logistically very challenging," says Jan Mrosik, CEO of the two divisions Power Transmission and Smart Grid at Siemens AG. Just days before, Siemens had completed the HelWin-beta platform (690 MW) 35 km north of Heligoland. The HelWin alpha platform (576 MW) was installed in August 2013 and is located right next to it. Siemens installed the BorWin beta platform (800 MW) northwest of the island of Borkum in April 2014. The fifth connection, BorWin delta (900 MW), was ordered this year and is scheduled to be operational in 2019.

TenneT Offshore Managing Director Wilfried Breuer adds: "During the past few days, we quickly connected two platforms with a total capacity of 1.5 GW to feed offshore wind energy into the transmission grid. The German Federal Government has set an expansion target of 6.5 GW by 2020. We will achieve two-thirds of that goal as early as 2015."

Katharina Garus

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