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logistics & operations

Cooperative design yields new Damen vessel

A close working relationship between Delta Marine and the Damen Shipyards Group has produced a new vessel design – called a Damen Renewables Service Vessel 3315. (Graphic: Damen)

The close working relationship between Delta Marine and the Damen Shipyards Group has produced a new vessel design – called a Damen Renewables Service Vessel 3315. The Scotland-based offshore wind service provider recently awarded Damen a construction contract looking towards a launch in early 2017.

Østensjø Rederi chooses Rolls-Royce design for new SOV

Rolls-Royce has designed the UT 540 WP as new SOV. (Graphic: Rolls-Royce)

Rolls-Royce has been selected to design and equip a new Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for shipowner Østensjø Rederi. The vessel will support wind farm operations at Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm for Dong Energy.

Tuco reveals new Dive and ROV Support boats

Tuco has designed two new vessels for ROV and diving work. (Graphic: Tuco)

Tuco Marine of Denmark discloses two new Dive Support and ROV Support boats. The boats are optimized to be working platforms for underwater work, and work performed on the surface in support of divers and ROV’s.

G9 publishes report on marine transfer design issues

A report resulting from the G9 Offshore Wind Health and Safety Association’s first Safe by Design workshop is now available. The report explores a number of key topics associated with the transfer of personnel from a Crew Transfer Vessel to a transition piece.

DolWin beta on journey

DolWin beta was loaded out on August 1st. (Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Aibel)

The DolWin beta converter platform left Aibel's yard in Haugesund, Norway. Following a four-day transport stage, the platform will be installed in the DolWin wind cluster in the German North Sea.

SPARTA system should help reducing costs

All ten of the UK’s offshore wind farm owner/operators have signed an agreement committing to SPARTA. SPARTA provides anonymously shared data on a wide range of operational issues such as system downtime, repair interventions, weather conditions and crew transfers.

Ready for Service

The SOV Esvagt Froude will be used for service operations at EnBW Baltic 2 offshore wind farm for the next five years. (Photo: Esvagt)

Service Operation Vessels (SOV) are currently being celebrated as the solution for the servicing of offshore wind farms far from the coast. Or rather, celebrated by at least those who are pinning their hopes on this service concept, with Siemens at the forefront. The first two SOVs have meanwhile been christened and are ready for operation.

Very lucky indeed

Emergency tugboat springs into action off the coast for Borkum – efficiency and the ability to weather storms are the boat requirements. The photo depicts Nordic’s predecessor Oceanic of the shipping  company Bugsier. (Photo: Bugsier)

Is the danger for offshore wind turbines posed by drifting ships with no engine power currently being underestimated? In the case of a multi-purpose freighter in the middle of February, rescue came in the form of a customs ship that just happened to be patrolling nearby. Organised emergency strategies look somewhat different.

Faster, bigger, more efficient

One boat, two modes: the Cat-SWATH combines the advantages of two ship types in one CTV. (Photo: Danish Yachts)

One vessel for a hundred wind turbines. With this claim and a new tool, Siemens Wind Power intends to revolutionise the servicing of wind farms far from shore. The first ­service ­operation vessel will be christened in Rostock in late June. ­Better times might also be ahead again for the German flag, because there is good news for transporting passengers.

“Make the offshore workplace incident-free”

Benj Sykes is Chairman of the G9 Board of Directors, and Head of Asset Management at Dong Energy Wind Power. The G9 provides leadership on health and safety issues in the offshore wind sector. Their HSE statistics are important in promoting wider engagement among operators and to share good industry practice. (Photo: Dong Energy)

The G9 Offshore Wind Health and Safety Association has published its ­second annual incident data report for the offshore wind sector. OWI spoke to Benj Sykes, Chairman of the G9 Board of Directors, about his vision to get the offshore wind workplace incident-free.