logistics & operations

logistics & operations

Currently being tested

Luxury out at sea or compensation for a strenuous job. C-Bed floating hotels are on par with high-quality hotels on land. (Photo: C-Bed)

Maintenance costs rank among the greatest financial risks for an offshore wind farm. Of course, the sector does not yet have long-term experience in this area. Various concepts are now ­being tested in the field.

A day in the life of a wind turbine engineer

A short film by Broadcast Media Services (BMS) is telling the story of a typical day in the life of a wind turbine engineer working on London Array offshore wind farm.

Dong Energy inaugurates offshore base of operations

Dong Energy officially inaugurated its operational management headquarters in Norden-Norddeich at the end of April. (Photo: Dong Energy)

Dong Energy has inaugurated the operational management headquarters for its German offshore wind farms. The company will not only be coordinating the construction of wind farms but also their operation from the location at Norden-Nordeich.

ANTS Offshore starts shuttle service

The DP2 vessel Abis Dundee is now available for the new service ANTS Offshore. (Photo: Schramm group)

ANTS Offshore has launched a new service to supply North Sea wind farms. The DP2 vessel Abis Dundee will gather cargo from as many clients as possible to increase the transport volume and reduce prices.

Siemens signs service extension for Rhyl Flats

Siemens will provide service and maintenance for Rhyl Flats for another 15 years. (Photo: Siemens)

Siemens has signed a 15-year post-warranty service agreement extension for Rhyl Flats. It’s the first of its kind for Siemens.

Cuxport does service logistics for North Sea converter platforms

Cuxport will pack and unpack items like containers for Siemens as the logistics specialist for service operations for offshore converter platforms in the North Sea in the future. (Photo: Cuxport)

Cuxport has signed an agreement with Siemens covering logistics operations for services for the offshore converter platforms BorWin beta, HelWin alpha, HelWin beta and SylWin alpha. The long-term contract will come into effect in May this year.

Fault on Anholt sea cable

The cable route is approx. 24.5 km, connecting the GIS station at Grenaa with the offshore transformer platform at the Anholt offshore wind farm. (Photo: nkt cables)

A cable fault is preventing transmission of power from the Anholt offshore wind farm to the onshore grid. The cause of the fault is still unclear.

How it all comes together

Have you ever wondered what goes on during the installation of a wind power plant at sea? Siemens shows in a video what really happens out at sea. With showing this video at Wind Expo 2015 in Tokyo, Wind Power Division CEO Markus Tacke promoted Siemens' offshore turbine for upcoming Japanes offshore wind projects.

Competition is good for business

Zeeland Seaports has already been involved in the logistics for six offshore wind farms. (Photo: Zeeland Seaports)

Dutch companies already play a leading role in the construction of offshore wind farms. This is no surprise, as they have a long tradition in the oil and gas business. Port operators are now moving into position. They have European projects in their sights, as well as new wind farms right on their doorsteps.

MPI acquires RWE’s “Victoria Mathias”

Originally in possession of RWE, “Victoria Mathias” will from now on expand MPI’s fleet. (Photo: RWE Innogy)

MPI Offshore acquired the installation vessel “Victoria Mathias” from RWE Innogy. Victoria Mathias was built 2011 and is designed to transport, lift and install wind turbines and their foundations.