New voice for offshore wind energy

Wednesday, 17 October, 2012 - 14:45

The three German wind energy networks Windenergie-Agentur (WAB), Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH (EEHH) und Wind Energy Network e.V. (WEN) want to communicate with one voice on the theme of offshore wind energy and have therefore founded the Offshore-Wind-Industrie-Allianz (OWIA). The official opening of the national representation office in Berlin took place on 12th October.

"The task of the national representation of the OWIA is to bundle the political communication of the three industry networks on the theme of offshore wind energy and to serve as a direct contact partner in Berlin", said Urs Wahl, Project Leader at the newly opened office. The fact that the office is shared with the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation (Stiftung Offshore-Windenergie) and the close proximity to the other associations will also improve the flow of information to and from Berlin, he said.

"Offshore wind energy is one of the supporting pillars of the energy revolution" said Ronny Meyer, General Manager of the WAB. "The excellent wind conditions at sea allow wind energy to provide long-term supply stability and to facilitate a reduction in expensive raw material imports." The current electricity price debate fails to take account of this, pointed out Meyer.

The industry is also working hard to reduce costs: "It is important not to dampen this momentum!" emphasized industry representative Norbert Giese from the turbine manufacturer REpower Systems. "We therefore need reliable long-term conditions, both political and economic!" he added. The German offshore industry is at the forefront of a very promising Europe-wide development that will continue for several decades at least, he said.

"The coastal countries have realized that offshore wind farms, with their high annual capacity utilization, stabilize the energy system. Today's cooperation is a sign that the industry is working even more closely together", said Jan Rispens, Managing Director of EEHH. Trust in the strategy of the federal government to expand offshore wind energy from 2002 onwards has already resulted in billions of euros being invested. These investments have benefited not only northern Germany, but also the whole of the country, "that is often forgotten", added Rispens.

"For us, offshore wind energy is one of the greatest chances of our time. We can create thousands of new jobs, and not only in the structurally weak north", said Andree Iffländer, Chairman of the WEN, "It is especially pleasing that through the networking of offshore wind energy with the maritime industry completely new fields of business have opened up", he continued.

Katharina Garus

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