Siemens equips first commercial U.S. offshore wind farm

Monday, 30 December, 2013 - 10:45

Siemensand Cape Windhave signed a major contract for the construction of the United States´ first utility-scale offshore wind farm. Once the contract becomes effective later next year, Siemens will supply Cape Wind with its 3.6-MW offshore wind turbines, an offshore Electric Service Platform (ESP) and a long-term service agreement.

When fully built, Cape Wind will have a capacity of 468 MW. The project is situated off the Northeast coast, 20 km offshore of Nantucket. Installation and commissioning is expected for 2016.

“The USA is a key market for Siemens. We are proud to be able to announce the third big contract in the U.S. within just one week. Following the biggest onshore wind order everand a follow-up order for a gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Pennsylvania, we’ve now signed a contract to provide wind turbines and service for the first commercial offshore wind farm in the U.S.,” said Michael Süß, member of the Management Board of Siemens AG and CEO of Siemens' Energy Sector.

Offshore wind in the U.S. has significant potential to supply the coastal areas of the U.S. with clean energy. Potential offshore locations are situated along the Southern and Northern Atlantic Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. A recently published Navigant studyawarded by the U.S. Department of Energy predicts that installed U.S. offshore wind power capacity will rise in the next five years to 3.5 GW.

Katharina Garus