JDR appoints Chief Executive Officer

JDR announces the appointment of David Currie as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a member of the Board of Directors, effective 12 January 2015.

MPI acquires RWE’s “Victoria Mathias”

MPI Offshore acquired the installation vessel “Victoria Mathias” from RWE Innogy. Victoria Mathias was built 2011 and is designed to transport, lift and install wind turbines and their foundations.

No job for wimps

Offshore wind plants need on-site maintenance. On the high seas, and far away from the coast, that’s no easy job! Maintenance requires courage, experience and technical know-how. We accompany Siemens service technician André Carstens during his work.

All turbines at OWF Nordsee Ost are installed

Over Christmas, the last of the in total 48 wind turbines of the offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost was successfully installed around 30 km north the island Heligoland in the German Bight.

How to do it

In a manifesto, DNV GL shows how the costs for offshore wind energy can be reduced by 25 %. “Doing it right”, “Doing it ­better” and “Doing it differently” are the strategies.

The second wave is rolling in

For a long time, the German offshore market was considered an important anchor for the industry. Then, ­political decisions spooked international ­financiers and burned a big hole in the value chain. ­Policy ­makers have now cleared up the ­confusion and ­investors are ­coming out of hiding again.

Playing it safe

Offshore converter platforms have to guarantee the highest levels of operation safety under maritime conditions. Accordingly powerful fire-detection and fire-extinguishing systems play a key role here.

From top to bottom

Rust inside the monopile, scoured foundations or abundant marine growth on the pipe: in offshore ­turbine monitoring, too little consideration is ­often given to sensor-supported foundation monitoring. Instead, divers and ROVs have been expected to ­perform this task – until now.

Heavy duty

The industry made a promise: a 30 % lower cost for offshore wind power. With high cost reduction potential, the foundation can make a major contribution toward this goal.

“Classification Society makes the rules”

Markos is a manufacturer of lifeboats, rescue boats and tenders with over 20 years of experience. In a short release the company presents the trends in design and production it observes.