• WindEnergy Hamburg opens its gates

    On the evening of Monday, 22 September, Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel officially opened the WindEnergy Hamburg. A 64.4 m long rotor blade was raised on Monday morning to point the way to the industry event in Hamburg.

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  • Swimming lessons for wind turbines

    Floating wind turbines are somewhat exotic, and will remain so for some time to come. But a lot is happening right now on being able to quickly present economic solutions.

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  • Maritime wind energy training centre has been inaugurated

    OffTEC Base GmbH has officially inaugurated its new Maritime Training Centre (MTC) in Enge-Sande. The specialised facility can provide all necessary training for maritime and wind technology personnel.

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  • Flexible high-tech buoys

    The investors in offshore wind ­energy projects expect to get a ­respectable yield for their money, which means: plenty of wind. ­Measurement masts and the data they produce are ­intended to convince the capital ­providers to invest. Measurement ­buoys can do the same at a lower cost.

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  • Always check the small print

    Due diligence checks on a project are a complex matter. Some of the issues concerned include land ownership and the ­associated law governing ownership.

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  • New rotor control system for higher wind turbine yield

    The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and wind turbine manufacturer XEMC-Darwind have developed a new control system for wind turbines, which makes it possible to build larger wind turbines that produce up to 13 % more energy.

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  • Piggyback around the world

    Between well-rehearsed routine work and visual superlatives: Logistics ­experts are proficient at handling the extremely demanding components for offshore farms. While many parts are picked almost noiselessly from the quaysides, some transports can be a nail-biting experience.

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  • Rust under control

    Offshore wind turbines are designed to produce electricity in a harsh marine environment for 20 to 25 years. The specialists have the corrosion caused by the aggressive seawater largely under control, as the coating system of the world’s most powerful offshore turbine, the V164-8 from Vestas,... read more

  • Swimming certificate awarded

    Finally out of the exotic niche – the standard that Det Norske Veritas has developed for floating wind power turbines has 123 pages. OWI presents the most important points.

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  • “We need a sense of pride”

    OFFSHORE WIND INDUSTRY talked to Nick Medic, Director of Offshore ­Renewables at RenewableUK, the British trade association for wind and marine energy.

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