• Offshore wind farm in sight

    Offshore wind turbines constitute obstacles for ships as well as air traffic. Lighting prevents accidents.

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  • Giants joining forces

    The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult has brought together eight of the industry’s major owners and operators to improve performance in operating and maintaining offshore wind farms. It is a move aimed at driving the industry a considerable way towards the goal of £ 100 per MWh for... read more

  • Vattenfall and SWM are building Sandbank

    Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) are jointly building the offshore wind farm Sandbank. Corresponding committees at both companies have made the investment decision to build the 288 MW offshore wind farm.

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  • Mammoet lifts SylWin alpha platform

    A combination of three Dutch offshore companies realized a unique operation in the North Sea, installing a giant ‘power socket’, the SylWin alpha platform. Siemens commissioned Seaway Heavy Lifting to perform an unusual operation that in turn called in the assistance of maritime service... read more

  • Study shows a positive attitude towards offshore wind energy

    Residents and tourists in the North and Baltic Sea areas are mostly in favour of offshore wind farms - at least if they can be part of the planning process. This is the result of a study conducted by the working group for health and environmental psychology at the Martin Luther University in... read more

  • Westermeerwind to get the Netherlands’ largest near shore wind farm

    Westermeerwind BV reached financial close on 25 July for the construction of the Westermeerwind wind farm in IJsselmeer. The 144 MW near shore project will be the first turnkey project for Siemens’ offshore business.

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  • HVDC platform SylWin alpha is complete

    Just a few days ago, Siemens had announced that the HVDC converter platform HelWin beta has been completed. Its next offshore platform in the North Sea is now also ready. SylWin alpha is the largest HVDC platform that has ever been installed in the North Sea.

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  • UK renewable energy industry escalates PR efforts

    The UK renewable energy industry is making moves to increase its profile in what can be seen as a major PR push. At least three industry bodies have recently sought the support of public relations agencies.

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  • Dong finds an investor for Gode Wind 2

    Dong Energy has found an investor for its offshore wind project Gode Wind 2. A consortium consisting of four Danish pension funds will acquire 50% of the German project and invest € 600 million.

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  • Tips for getting a loan

    No loan, no offshore wind farm. To persuade banks to loosen their purse strings, the contracts between the project company and the major participants should be bank-friendly right from the start. And renegotiation is usually worthwhile!

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